Riqueza means wealth and richness which represents our country INDIA as we are known for our rich tradition and culture. We as a company keep evolving but, we are culturally rich and traditional and, hence, we believe in bringing the world together with our global trade business. We value our morals and culture which brings us together.

The Riqueza Group was fundamentally formed on 9th July 2018, is based out of Navi Mumbai, India and has its presence in the international market for over 10 years. We believe in the mantra ‘Success is growing together’ in the form of trading which is connected globally. Even in the rapidly changing business environment and battling economy in India from 2016 - 2020, we scaled our business to reach new heights with domestic and international partners. We have diversified business in 4 primary fields - Trading, Mineral Water, Entertainment, and Electric vehicles.

We being lovers of nature deeply feel responsible for the severe air quality deterioration. The air pollution caused due to fuel based vehicles continuously harming the environment; however, with our initiatives, we wanted to contribute to our beloved mother nature to control the environmental deterioration. With our mission to save the environment, we formed Riqueza Electric Vehicles Private Limited on 23rd November 2020 with the strong vision toward a pollution free future. With our new introduction of electric vehicles in the domestic market, we are preparing a wide platform for our new generation toward a greener and responsible environment. The responsible approach of the new era will move us from fuel-based vehicles to electric driven vehicles. It will certainly shape and plinth the future of modern civilization. So herewith, the ‘Riqueza Group' is happy to introduce you to the most advanced technology based electric vehicles with the brand name “EVIL”. Our philosophy is simple, with Evil, we allow everyone to “Drive together towards the green world”.